Veggie and Fruit Combo Box 

Veggie and Fruit Combo Box 



Veggie and Fruit Combo Box
• 2kg Bag of Potatoes
• 1kg Bag of Onions
• 3kg Bag of Butternut
• 1 x Cabbage
• 1 x Spinach bunch
• Button Mushroom pre pack
• 2 x Green Peppers
• Iceberg lettuce Pre pack
• 2 x 200g Cocktail Tomatoes
• 1x Cucumber
• 1.5kg econo Apples
•  1 z Cauliflower and Broccoli Pre pack
• 2 x Avos
• 1kg Bananas
• 1/2 Tray Naartjie
• 3kg Carry Bag Oranges


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